Q: Has anyone ever gotten BADLY hurt while training with you?

A: No. We make sure our students are safe. 

Q: Do I get on the bike and go really fast? On hills?

A: No! Never! At the beginning we learn without a bike (weird, huh?). Then once you learn the off-the-bike stuff, we learn other things on cool devices - Even a kick scooter! Then, once you have all of that stuff mastered, we go on the bike. But, when you are on the bike we are always keeping you safe. Following this easy process makes learning less scarey and fun!

Q: Do you have bicycles that will fit me?

A: Yes. We bring a bicycle that is PERFECT for you to learn on.

Q: Can I use my own bicycle?

A: Yes. As long as it fits you properly for learning. We may have to adjust it a little.

Q: Will I be alone during the lesson?

A: No. The person you came with will stay around just in case you need them.

Q: Will I go down steep hills or big bumps?

A: No. We only ride on flat and smooth surfaces.

Q: Can we have lessons at a place where my friends won't see me?

A: Yes. We will go to a location where you are happy.

Q: Do you have any games or puzzles on this website? 

A: Yes! Right here!!

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Give us a call, text or email.

Q: Do you serve pizza during lessons?

A: Uhhh....no. Sorry!

Q: Can you send me FREE stickers?

A: Sure! Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope - Stickers, Professor Pedals, PO Box 62, Syosset, NY 11791