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Professor pedals is so proud to teach students with special needs in private lesson and group event formats. 

We have great success in working with students with autism, ADD, ADHD, low muscle tone, vision impairments, and other physical and developmental issues.

Our progressive approach is tailored to meet the needs of the student and to achieve success at many levels.

Private lessons can be booked using our online system. If there are specifics you wish to discuss, please call us or leave notes during the reservation process.

If you have specific needs and goals or wish to discuss a group event, please contact us.

"OMG....Tears came to my eyes when she came home and was riding up and down the street.... You guys do Gods work....thank you so very much!!!!" - Katherine Cahill

"As the father of a young man on the Autism spectrum, teaching him to ride and overcome obstacles and his fears have been trying. I have spent 4 years helping my son, with moderate but little success....Steve got Jordan riding solo in less than 30 minutes with confidence and a new found sense of fun...Jordan has been begging me to ride non-stop since his lesson.....the best $95 I ever spent. Thank you...seeing Jordan with a smile on his bike is priceless. Great job!"  - A.W.

".....Oh and a friend of mine who saw the video (another mom to two kids with autism) commented that you're (Steve) a hero and you probably don't even know it. It's one thing to teach a neurotypical kid to ride. It's a whole different level to teach kids with special needs. The MASSIVE amount of motor planning they need to pull it off and to see you be able to draw that out of them in just minutes is nothing short of miraculous. You really don't know how amazing it is when you are told your child will never... (Fill in the laundry list of limitations ) and to see them ride a bike? It's a miracle. My son needed to LEARN HOW TO SIT UP INDEPENDENTLY. You will never know what a gift you gave me today. You just won't ever know. I'm forever thankful. You will be forever remembered with love and the deepest gratitude.

You do have a gift. I want every special needs parent to know about you. I'm also going to post a link to your web site in the private group of the special needs little league team I used to coach.

I have no doubt you will have tremendous success with your business."

- Asked to be anonymous