"Dave was fantastic! He was patient and knowledgeable, and Stephen really enjoyed the lessons. I would recommend Dave to anyone."

Max had a great lesson and within 30 minutes he was riding by himself. It brought tears to my eyes. Dave was wonderful. He was patient and consistent with Max. We couldn't be any happier. I'm so glad we found out about professor pedals! Thank you, Lisa"

"Don was amazing and so patient with my son. My son is 12 and he was resisting learning how to ride but he totally clicked with Don immediately. I knew my son would take more than one session and Don worked his b*tt off with him the first session but I was shocked when my son totally got it by the end of the second session. This is worth every penny and soon I'll be bringing my daughter." - MO

"Amazing experience. I would not have believed my son would leave riding a bike and be able to ride once we got home but I saw it myself." - FA

Everything went perfect. Don was the perfect instructor and did an amazing job teaching Eddie. He is now thrilled he can ride a bicycle!!!!



"OMG....Tears came to my eyes when she came home and was riding up and down the street.... You guys do Gods work....thank you so very much!!!!" - Katherine Cahill

"I can't say enough good things about Steve and recommend him to everyone that tells me their children are having trouble learning how to ride a bike. It is such an amazing service that you are providing to the community. Steve's patience, kindness and sense of humor made this such a wonderful experience for both of my children and they now see the joy of riding a bike instead of the frustration they were experiencing before I called Steve. My son was a little older when Steve taught him and my son thought he would never learn how to ride a bike. He had no confidence in his ability to ride. I was almost in tears when he learned to ride by himself. He was so happy. And my daughter was so proud to go into school after a long holiday weekend to tell all her friends she learned how to ride a bike. She kept repeating to me the things that Steve taught her. I can't thank you enough." - JS

"Thank you so much for helping me learn to ride a bike! You taught me in one hour

what I couldn't get a hold of for years! I really appreciate it and wish you luck for the future!"  - D.N.

As the father of a young man on the Autism spectrum, teaching him to ride and overcome obstacles and his fears have been trying. I have spent 4 years helping my son, with moderate but little success....Steve got Jordan riding solo in less than 30 minutes with confidence and a new found sense of fun...Jordan has been begging me to ride non-stop since his lesson.....the best $95 I ever spent. Thank you...seeing Jordan with a smile on his bike is priceless. Great job!  - A.W.

"Professor Pedals was amazing! I never thought my daughter would EVER ride a bike, and in no time she was zipping around like she had been riding for years! Steve has a great attitude and I highly recommend him." - Stewart P.

"Don is amazing and has so much patience!! My kids both learned so quickly! "-Anne HC

"Dave was fantastic. He was very patient and very clear when teaching. He was encouraging and extremely positive!"

"Thanks so much! He was so proud of himself!!! He is wearing his [bicycle] necklace to school and told everyone he can ride!! Thanks again you made his week! I'll let you know if he needs a second lesson. I also put your info on facebook as a recommendation. Have a great week." -NL

"Thank you for helping me in achieving his goal of riding a bike. He was so happy yesterday! We saw his name on the Student Spotlight page.  It looks great thank you!!! Have a great summer and yes he will be riding. We plan to get his bike on Monday and I will definitely send you a picture. Thanks for everything again!" - Angela G

Dear Professor Pedals,

I just want you to know that Jonathan thinks you're the GREATEST. We were talking about what he accomplished & all he could talk about was you. That you were so patient, funny & kind. You gave him confidence. He can't wait to go buy a bike. Thank you so much for teaching him and making it fun! You gave me the best gift -- the smile on my son's face when he realized he could do it. Thanks again!  - Lori B.

I have wanted to ride a bike for years but could not find the courage to learn. I am beyond grateful that I found Professor Pedals whose combination of skill, support and trustworthiness enabled me to learn without so much as scraping my leg! His approach kept me calm throughout my lesson and by the time I began pedaling on my own I already felt fairly confident that I could manage the obstacles that arose in my path. I am so grateful for the thoughtful instruction I received. The weekend following my lesson, I rented a Citibike and rode around Central Park in the rain, maintaining control of my bike the whole time and having a blast with my friends. I can’t wait to purchase my own bike today. I no longer have to opt our of biking activities with my friends. Professor Pedals has changed my life!

 - Ayala D.

Dear Professor Pedals

I would like to express my extreme gratitude at the fantastic job you did at teaching BOTH my children how to ride their bikes!  I was at my wits end, having had the kids bikes for over a year, and no success at teaching them myself, due to crying and tantrums and "I can't do it!".  You were recommended to me by my friend, who told me you were wonderful and you taught her son to ride his bike.

I booked a lesson for my son, and within 45 minutes he was riding on his own!! My son had one more lesson and my daughter had 2 lessons, and now they are both riding proficiently!  In fact they are out riding their bikes whenever they can!

You were brilliant with both the children, breaking everything down and making it fun.  The children were relaxed and you made everything really easy for them.  You are truly an expert at what you do, and I cannot thank you enough! I will recommend you to anyone who needs to make teaching their children how to ride a bike a stress-free and enjoyable experience!

Thanks again,

Joanne McDonald

Northport NY

Thank you for the excellent lesson this morning. I was so gung ho afterwards, that I took the bicycle out that I thought was too high for me and rode it once around the block. I found the confidence that I had lost. - NH

Thanks for everything. She is super excited to practice riding now that she has more confidence. - AB

.....Oh and a friend of mine who saw the video (another mom to two kids with autism) commented that you're (Steve) a hero and you probably don't even know it. It's one thing to teach a neurotypical kid to ride. It's a whole different level to teach kids with special needs. The MASSIVE amount of motor planning they need to pull it off and to see you be able to draw that out of them in just minutes is nothing short of miraculous. You really don't know how amazing it is when you are told your child will never... (Fill in the laundry list of limitations ) and to see them ride a bike? It's a miracle. My son needed to LEARN HOW TO SIT UP INDEPENDENTLY. You will never know what a gift you gave me today. You just won't ever know. I'm forever thankful. You will be forever remembered with love and the deepest gratitude.

You do have a gift. I want every special needs parent to know about you. I'm also going to post a link to your web site in the private group of the special needs little league team I used to coach.

I have no doubt you will have tremendous success with your business.

- Asked to be anonymous

Thank you for giving him the skills and confidence he needed to learn to ride !!!!  - SL

This was an excellent experience. We are so happy we found you. Dons instruction was so informative, he will be a better safer rider for it. I am sure more people need your help than we know.   - AQ

Thank you so very much for your kind attention and excellent instruction yesterday.  I know Laura goes away to Panama feeling so much more confident—she benefitted from her session with you to an almost unbelievable extent—and the Mom (that’s me) is greatly comforted that she now has considerably more 

mastery of this challenge... - HH

Thank you for teaching them how to ride!! Well mostly Nikki...LOL!! Jamie has a real nac for picking up things very quickly. Skiing, roller skating, etc..... As soon as the girls got home Jamie was riding like a pro all over our backyard, her turns were great!! I'm very proud of Nikki as well, she learned how to ride in one day, that's awesome!  -SG  

Thank you for a great lesson this morning!  It was amazing to watch how great you are with the kids and how you build their confidence right from the start. We went and bought a new bike today. Now she just has to remember everything you thought her and keep practicing. Thank you!  - AE