Q: What if it rains? What if I have to cancel?

A: Feel free to cancel at any time prior to the scheduled lesson. You will find a personalized link button in your electronic receipt to reschedule your lesson. This link ill take you back to the calendar to reschedule for a new date/time. It's that simple!

Q: Why should I use Professor Pedals™ for bicycle riding training?

A: We do things better, safer and with a more positive approach to learning. Our progressive program teaches students how to effectively and safely ride a bicycle. We developed activities, games, drills to achieve great skills and results.

Let's face it, riding a bicycle can be scary, but if students know their controls and abilities, their fears are greatly reduced. We are able to ease our students through the learning process while building up to more advanced skills. At the end of the process, our students will have a positive and comprehensive bicycle riding experience that will last a lifetime.

Q: How long does it typically take to learn to ride a bicycle with Professor Pedals™?

A: While results vary based on ability, maturity, coordination and strength, most students are fully trained in just 1-3 lessons. More commonly, students are fully trained in just 1-2 lessons. This information is based on the 1.5 hour lesson duration. Remember, students need to continue to practice to retain and build their skills.

Q: Should I take the 1 hour or a 1.5 hour lesson? 

A: Student endurance and attention should be used to select the lesson duration. Sometimes age is a scale that is used and can be incorrect. Students under age 7 typically do best with our 1 hour lesson. Students 7 and older typically can handle the 1.5 hour lesson. Your Trainer looks to always keep the environment positive and fun. Exhaustion can hinder these goals. If you have specific issues or wish to discuss a special needs issue please call us.

Q: What do you do differently?

A: We have developed unique training techniques and tools that are only available at Professor Pedals™ to produce great results. Our overall goal is to assist in making the bicycle riding learning process stress-free, simple and fun for our students and you. We maintain safety as a focus from the very beginning. We are positive, patient and never lose site of being bicycle smart, sidewalk safe and traffic alert.

Q: Where do you offer training?

A: We provide service at our locations. We also provide group lessons for camps, schools, organizations and events. Call for details and pricing.

Q: Do you provide the bicycles and gear?

A: Yes. Students of all ages (including adults) must bring their own helmets and safety gear. Locations have a loaner helmet for use.

Q: Do you assist students with special needs?

A: Yes. We are proud to have developed programs for students with special needs.